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Choose Tampere for your next production. We offer world-class AV production cost-efficiently. We make use of the latest technology, and we provide modern studio facilities for productions of all sizes. In addition you will have top professionals at your service.

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  An immigrant entrepreneur is becoming a very important part of the economic landscape in many urban cities of the world contributing to t…  Read more »

The City of Tampere is actively looking into better utilization and digitalization of built environment, in order to become a breeding ground for innovations.  Read more »

Talent Tampere Export Gateway brings together companies and a team of international talents. One of the talent participants, freelance writer Njoki Githieya shares her experiences on the process.  Read more »

The production of SuomiLOVE developed by Yle and Warner Bros. will move to Mediapolis studios in Tampere.  Read more »

Tamperelaislähtöinen ja samalla Suomen ainoa InsurTech-startup Flowenum valittiin kansainväliseen yrityskiihdyttämöön 1 000 hakijan joukosta. Flowenumin tiimi lähtee kolmeksi kuukaudeksi Lontooseen kehittämään liiketoimintaansa ja esittelemään sitä lähes tuhannelle asiantuntijalle, potentiaaliselle asiakkaalle ja sijoittajalle.  Read more »

Tampere, Finland is going to be a prominent European centre for audiovisual productions, known for its high quality, expertise and cost-efficiency. In the years to come, companies big and small will choose Tampere to make films, serial dramas, television shows and large-scale entertainment productions.  Read more »

A new way to kick-off international projects with the help of international talents, and to gain growth through their expertise and skills. Read more and join us!  Read more »

Demola is for companies that are eager to empower their personnel, experiment and test new ideas, as well as validate and solve problems effectively. Demola offers you the possibility to work with a multidisciplinary student team in a fully facilitated innovation environment. The outcome: quick and agile experiments, accumulated knowledge and expertise, inspired and empowered personnel, and tangible and validated demos to inspire further development.  Read more »

The construction of a 5G-ready mobile network in Tampere and its surroundings is now complete. Base station hardware used in the mobile network was replaced with the latest technology available in the project, which started in September 2017. The network in Tampere and its surroundings is ultrafast, and it enables 1 Gbit/s mobile broadband connections in the centre of Tampere for the first time in Finland.  Read more »

"As long as you’re persistent and committed to your dream and values, Finland will reward you in countless ways and always give you reasons to come back." Tampere Ambassador Andruta Ilie's article for the Toolbox Finland website.  Read more »

The Finnish startup permit makes it possible for growth entrepreneurs to get a residence permit in Finland as quickly as possible to found a startup company.  Read more »

International research and collaboration takes researchers and their families all over the world. Many international top researchers move to Finland with their family members. Their spouses are often highly educated and possess a great deal of international competencies that are often left untapped.  Read more »


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