Production Incentive

Tampere Production Incentive - Cost Effieciency Throughout AV-Production

AV economy is vital for Tampere. Our aim is that the industry would grow and wide range of productions would be produced in the region. To leverage the growth we have launched the production incentive for Tampere.

In practice this means that the regional cash rebate can be applied for professional entertainment-, documentary-, drama-, movie- and VR productions. In addition the cash rebate can be applied for their pre- and post-production phases.

Applying is easy: Send an application by email to  and you'll get the results of the cash rebate decision within a month.

Qualified costs are the ones that are spent in Tampere region, including the costs which are arised from planning and post-production of the production.

The cash rebate can be granted for 10% to the part of the production's total budget which is spent in Tampere region. In addition, marketing cooperation between the production and the city of Tampere can be negotiated. This cooperation enables 0-5% raise to the cash rebate with the same terms and conditions applying as introduced earlier.

Eligible costs:

  • Purchases of goods and services, and the rental of equipment and facilities for production purposes from companies who are operating at the Tampere region.
  • Salaries subject to withholding tax, paid to employees in Tampere region.
  • Other costs (flat rate) max. 20% of the total sum of salaries and purchases. Other eligible costs which do nor have to be itemized may include for example travel expenses.

In addition to Tampere's production Incentive one can apply for Finland's production incentive. More information can be found from Business Finland's website:

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