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Nina Forsman

editing post production documentary films directing
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I am an editor and a documentary filmmaker. I graduated Bachelor of Media majoring in editing from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2011. My final thesis was a study of the characters’ role in a documentary process. Documentary films are close to my heart both as an editor and a director but I also enjoy working in fiction productions. At the moment I'm directing documentary film Reflecting Ice (Jään vetovoima) which is produced by Niina Virtanen Wacky Tie Films. I also have own editing corner in their office. So if you need an editor I have the gear and the skills. My secret passion is acting and I've been lucky to do that in the couple of my friends' films.


Since I graduated I have edited several TV shows like Villi kortti, #Mestähaaste, Hyvät ja huonot uutiset, Mestareiden mestari, Kaverille kans, Suomen kaunein piha, Suomen kaunein koti, The Voice of Finland, The Voice of Kids, Kadonneen jäljillä, Top Chef and Dance. I have also edited different kind of short films. Latest film I edited was Maija Blåfield’s documentary film "On Destruction and Preservation" (Tuhoutumisesta ja säilyttämisestä) which premiered at Visions du Réel 2018. I have edited couple of music videos for example Adikia - Koskematon (2018) and UTU - Plaster Love (2016). I have also been a leading actor in two short films The Wrong House on the left (dir.Nalle Mielonen) and Whistle in the Dark (dir.Aino Suni). In summer 2012 I worked as a reporter in Stadi.TV.


On Destruction and Preservation (Tuhoutumisesta ja säilyttämisestä), 2018 - editor
The Wrong House on the Left (Väärä talo vasemmalla), 2017 - actor
101 For All (101 kaikkien puolesta), 2015 - editor
Golden Age (Kulta-aika), 2015 - animator
Whistle in the Dark (Niin metsä vastaa), 2015 - actor
Archipelago Science Fiction, 2012 - editor
The Last Days of Pompeii (Pompeijin viimeiset päivät), 2010 - editor


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Finnish, Swedish, English