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Ville Kivimäki

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Audio/SoundComposerSound designerSound editingSound engineer


Flexible, versatile and creative audio professional from Tampere. Founder of Rad Rec. Background in music production but for the past few years shifted more towards the AV industry. "Bachelor of Culture and Arts" (Medianomi, TAMK 2014).


I've worked on various sound related tasks in numerous different AV titles produced within the past 5 years (2014-2018). See "Productions" for examples from different genres ranging from drama to reality & documents, game/talk/panel/music shows, children's programs, sports & e-sports. For a more complete (and occasionally updated) list of productions you can visit Rad Rec's website. On most of the listed productions I've worked as a sound engineer, but lately I've done some work as a sound designer too. I've also been producing and releasing music for about a decade with focus on the more deep end of sound creation. Writing themes for cello and violin isn't really my cup of tea (I do love recording both), but if you want something like spacey drone sounds made with a vacuum cleaner driven though a guitar amp and fed into a reverb with a mix of field recordings done in Lapland spiced with a groovy electronic beat done with samples of tree stumps banged with reindeer bones, then I'm probably the right guy for the job. In other words I have a well equipped facility for various audio post production tasks (Pro Tools / Logic) and an ability to create music, noise and anything between when needed.


A-teema, 2017-2018
A2-ilta, 2014-2016
DreamHack: CS:GO, 2018
Jukka Mäkinen maaseutudraaman mestari, 2017
Kandit, 2017-2018
Korpelan kujanjuoksu, 2016-2017
Nenäpäivä-show, 2017
Paavo Nurmi Games, 2017-2018
Perjantai, 2016-2018
Pikku kakkonen: Seikkailukone, 2017-2018
Rauhassa, 2015
Robomestarit, 2018
Tehtaan sankarit, 2017
Villi kortti, 2016-2018


Finnish, English